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"The purpose of this doc is to kick the schizophrenia stereotype right in the junk and remind us that there is always a person behind the diagnosis.”

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"A compassionate and realistic portrayal of the difficulties of living with schizophrenia, Dan and Margot is an intriguing film and an important one." 

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"The festival kicks off at 7pm tonight at James Gillespie’s High School in Edinburgh with the European premiere of the documentary Dan and Margot."   

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“If you know someone suffering from schizophrenia, the film is going to be an even bigger emotional roller coaster than for others. Hearing Margot explain her disease in her own words is frustrating, scary, and heartbreaking.”

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"Their portrait of Sosa-Sims’s 20-something longtime friend, who discovers she has schizophrenia, is unsettling in that it reminds us how mercilessly pop culture has stigmatized this complex mental illness. Yet it’s also a hopeful and enlightening meditation on the potential to overcome it."  

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“The film should bring some light to schizophrenia and what it’s like to experience something like that and really humanize it for a lot of people who are unfamiliar,” says Sosa-Sims. “Schizophrenia is still really stigmatized. All the media coverage revolves around portraying people with schizophrenia who have committed.. violent and atrocious crimes, and I really wanted to tell a story about a normal, kind-hearted individual who has to deal with it.”  

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"AWI had the opportunity to speak with Chloe Sosa-Sims, co-director and producer of DAN AND MARGOT, to get a behind-the-scenes understanding of her film, her friend, and her inspiration for filmmaking."  

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“How do we think of schizophrenia?  We often visualize the feral-looking guy ranting to himself outside the 7-11. But how about those who are just slipping into a schizophrenic break or those medicated – with the disorder under control?”                                                          

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“Margot is a vivacious, fun young woman. She had a stalker back in college. He tormented her for three years. His name was Dan. And he was her first schizophrenic manifestation.”                                                                                                                                   

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